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Who Are You?

I spent years answering this question with the same, “I am a mom and I work at XYZ,” up until a couple years ago when the person asking me asked again. She said, “WHO are you” and I began with the same response. She stopped me and shook her head left to right, “WHO are you without what you do?”

I was confused. How am I supposed to answer this question? For as long as I can remember, I had never really known WHO I was until I was made aware of the fact that I am not what I do. I am who I BE.

To answer the question, I am light, love, radiance, joy, and grace. This is the essence of who I am. My name is Tamara and I am raising five boys with my husband Nathan.

This is probably the tenth time I’ve created a blog to share my knowledge with the world, but it’s the first time I’ve had the knowledge necessary to create a blog. Haha! A very valuable lesson here, rushing and forcing only causes delay.

Now that I’ve grown and transformed tremendously, I have created a new desire to write again. You see, I LOVED writing as a young girl, but quickly became distracted by boys and sex by the age of fourteen. My advice to the younger version of myself is, “Life is more enjoyable when you do what you really want to do.”

If we’re just meeting for the first time, welcome. I am very outgoing and my grammar is a work in progress. I speak from my heart and I share everything with love. I am an open book and I’m here when you need a listening ear.

With this blog, I plan to share my transformation journey in a way to help you through your transformation journey if you decided to put forth the actions necessary to grow. I also plan on taking imperfect action every step of the way. There may be days where nothing makes sense or words are spelled funky everywhere. I won’t do it on purpose, but I’m done holding myself back because everything has to be “perfect.” P.S. perfect is an illusion.

I also plan on sharing products and services I use to survive business and life as a work-from-home mom going through an ongoing transformation. This is another area where I held back because I didn’t want to be a spammy pammy. Then I realized how often I use products or services because of a recommendation. Light bulb.

I am looking forward to writing and sharing with you as often as possible because writing is my passion. I hope that you’ll come back to read my new posts often!

Along with sharing here, I’ll also be sharing on YouTube and on The Intentional Detour Podcast!

Thank you for being here! I’d love to know what questions you’d like me to answer! Please ask them in the comments below and I’ll answer them here or on YouTube!

Before you go, I wanna know… WHO are you beyond your roles?

If you need help with this question, you can ask this question on social media, “What five words come to mind when you think of me?” This will allow you to see how others see you.

When you find out who you are come back here and share with me! Bookmark this post to have it for later!

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My First Thoughts on Tailwind.

If you’re an online service provider, blogger, or anyone with any form of a website and you’re NOT using Tailwind and Pinterest to grow your traffic… What are you doing?!

I have always been a Pinterest fanatic, but I never stayed consistent with it. The other day, I updated my Pinterest cover photos to make my saved boards look pretty. The more that I updated my boards, the more my feed updated.

I saw a pin about Tailwind and thought, “hmmm, maybe I should check this out and actually give it a go since all of our kids are in school now and I have time to work on my blog and pins!”

I opened the site, signed up for a free account (and made the mistake of not using a referral link so I missed out on a sweet coupon for the paid plans), and got started with their new Ghostwriter and post creator.

Oh. My. Gosh.

I saved 2 hours and 45 minutes with this tool and created 20 Pinterest pins, and 10 Instagram posts and scheduled them all in a matter of MINUTES. To say I was impressed is an understatement!

I couldn’t stop there, I checked out their new planning tool and was even more blown away! My biggest struggle with blogging is trying to figure out what to write about and when. This planning tool gives topics to share each day. You can adjust the plan to fit your needs and where you are in your specific business!

In less than an hour, I started my new Tailwind plan, created pins and posts in minutes, and was able to schedule multiple graphics in multiple places. It felt like I have my very own virtual assistant! The best part is, I don’t have to pay Tailwind hourly! Haha!

If you’re interested in simplifying your social media game plan, grab your Tailwind account here and receive a $15 coupon!

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February Affirmations: Self-Love

  1. I love myself as I am.
  2. I am kind to myself.
  3. I am my own best friend.
  4. I am grateful to be the person I am.
  5. I am calm and relaxed.
  6. I surround myself with peace and pleasant emotions.
  7. I am naturally stress-free.
  8. I am equipped to handle this situation effectively.
  9. My peace is my power.
  10. One step at a time, one day at a time.
  11. Good things continually happen to me.
  12. I am learning to support my best self.
  13. I am proud of myself.
  14. I allow myself time to heal.
  15. I am at home in my body.
  16. I am worthy of good experiences.
  17. My life is a blessing.
  18. I allow myself to be who I truly am.
  19. I am a priority in my own life.
  20. I am responsible for taking care of myself.
  21. Life is always working FOR me.
  22. I believe in myself here and now.
  23. I love who I am.
  24. I accept my awesomeness.
  25. Today, and every day, I choose joy.
  26. I choose to feel peaceful.
  27. I am releasing myself from stress.
  28. I appreciate my life with all of my heart.

Which affirmation resonated with you most? Share it below!

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3 Ways to Extinguish Your Mental Dumpster Fire.

There are approximately 3,457 thoughts running through my mind at the moment. I need to update my Pinterest pins, learn how to make $5,000 a month with blogging, and keep up with the lives of my 10,000 followers on TikTok. There is NOT enough time in a day.

In these moments, there is only ONE solution… Intentional brain dump.

“What do I want right now?”

I have the plan to do everything I want to do and it requires that I pay attention to how I’m spending my time and energy. I LOVE mindlessly scrolling social media, but it just adds to the anxiety dumpster fire in my mind.

If you’re someone who often experiences the mental dumpster fire, there are a few ways to put it out.

  1. Dump everything in your mind using the journaling method of your choice.
    You can use pencil and paper, voice memos on your phone, video journaling, or any other form of journaling that’s out there.
    When I get to this point, I choose to use pen and paper.
    At the top of my paper I write, “What do I want right now?” and I answer as honestly as possible.
  2. Get out in nature or tap into the activities that allow you to feel at peace.
    My favorite activity is going to the lake and just enjoying the stillness of it all. Anxiety is the action of worrying about the future or things that are out of our control. There is no deadline in life. Everything will happen in its own time. The only thing causing your mind to spiral is the thought that everything has to be done RIGHT NOW. It doesn’t. Take a break.
  3. Stop scrolling social media.
    Everyone looks like they have their shit together and you’re falling behind. That’s not true. You’re in two different races. If you need to walk or crawl, that’s okay. Slow down. Give yourself time and space to process what you actually want to do with your energy. You’ll get there when you get there.

If your mental dumpster fire gets the best of you more often than not, it might be time to Silence Your Inner Critic!

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“What if I succeed?!”

I spent eight years being a copy/paste robot waiting for my company or upline to share a promotion.

I felt like I was two steps behind.
I felt like I was a copycat.
I felt like I was incapable of sharing MY knowledge.

I dimmed my light because I was comfortable under my security blanket.

That tiny voice in the back of my mind whispered, “What if I succeed” every time I leaned out of my comfort zone to check out the next opportunity.

That is, until stepping out of my comfort zone meant getting all the way out from under my security blanket.

When I decided to leave network marketing and start my own business, that tiny whisper was so quiet I could barely hear it. It was still there, but not near as loud as before.

Starting my own business meant taking on more responsibilities. It meant leaning completely into my power. It meant completely shedding my limiting beliefs.

It meant trusting my inner CEO.

When I sat down with my inner CEO for 28 days and took action, my life changed quickly.

I began calling in people who needed my message.
I began making a bigger impact.
I began creating the business of my dreams.
I began stretching my comfort zone to new limits.
I began living as my most authentic self.

Trusting my inner authority was the best move possible and now I’m here to help you enhance that tiny whisper in the back of your mind that says, “What if I succeed?!”

If you’re willing to commit to yourself join the Inner CEO Challenge today!

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How To Discover Your Gift.

Writing has always been one of my passions. As a very young girl in grade school, I wrote stories to be considered for a Young Writer’s Conference. I was eligible to attend for three years and I attended two out of those three years! I loved writing and I loved sharing stories.

My passion soon disappeared into the background when I became distracted. I spent all my time doing things I wanted to be passionate about because they allowed me to fit in. Writing was ‘nerdy’ and didn’t have me surrounded by friends. Participating in extracurricular activities is what it took to fit in at my school. My passion was covered by the demands of life.

I was distracted by boys.
I was distracted by sports.
I was distracted by everything.

After our fifth child and my third time battling postpartum depression, I started seeing a therapist. Dumping my thoughts with a therapist wasn’t enough. I needed to release more. I began journaling, typing, and recording voice memos because there was so much to remove. I had been holding back for so long that it was as if a flood gate had been opened. Creative thoughts were starting to flow again and I was able to start the process of writing what I thought were three different books.

I had rediscovered my passion. My coach added me to her program, “Write Your Book In 60 Days” for the second time and I ran with it. Each week I set a declaration for how many words I wanted to write. I declared to have my first draft done by my 29th birthday and I finished it two weeks early. Within nine months, I wrote and published my first book.

I haven’t stopped writing or creating since. I started using my voice to share knowledge on my podcast. I started creating videos to share my knowledge as well. I dabbled throughout 2021 and dove in headfirst at the beginning of 2022.

I quickly realized that the more I embrace my gift, the more I had to share.

Are you unknowingly hiding your gift?
What is your gift?
Not sure of your gift and want to know how to find it again?
Here are a few writing prompts to help you dig into the depths of your soul.

What gave you joy when you were younger?

What gives you joy now?

What did you spend hours doing when you were younger?

What do you spend hours doing now?

What thoughts come up when you think about doing what you love?

What do you really want for your life right now?

Answer any other questions that come up in your mind. Allow yourself to fully process where you were then and where you are now. Forgive yourself for delaying your own dreams.

If you need more help discovering your true passion, let’s chat or check out this progress through S.E.L.F. The Experiment!

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